Home Committee Reformation

The FAI Board of Directors has rechartered the Home Committee.

Previously, the Home Committee was charged with exploring properties to become our new burn home. With the selection of Bouckaert Farms, we deem the committee’s mission to have been completed.

Now we are reestablishing the Home Committee with a new mission:

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Home Committee is now to:

  1. Establish and maintain a positive relationship with the local community in the area of the current burn property. (Bouckaert Farms, Chattahoochee Hills, south Fulton Co., as of date of chartering)
  2. Provide opportunities for members of the burn community to build relationships via experiences and meetings outside the burn.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The Home Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board no later than the November Board meeting for local organizations to receive end-of-year grants in keeping with the mission of FAI. 
  • The Committee may organize events for members of the burn community that support local organizations, e.g., community cleanup days, “fill the boot” campaigns with the local firefighters, etc.
  • The Committee shall work with the Ministry of Burn Culture and Department Six to organize events for the burn community outside the burn itself, e.g., clothing/gear swaps, TCO socials, etc.
  • The Committee shall recruit new members as needed.

Delegation of Authority

Inaugural projects/events shall be approved by the Board; thereafter the Committee need not seek approval to repeat the event. However, all planned events shall be reported in the monthly Committee report to the Board, and all spending by the Committee must be approved by the Board.

Meeting Schedule

The Home Committee shall meet as necessary and appropriate at the call of the Chairman of the Committee or the President of the Board, but is expected to meet at least quarterly.

The Home Committee shall maintain minutes of all meetings, which will be distributed to the Board, preferably in advance of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Board shall be kept apprised of the meeting schedule of the Committee.

Application for Committee Chair

The Board is currently seeking applications for the chair of the Home Committee. The chair should have the following skills and attributes:

  • The ability to work well with the Department Six Lead to plan and execute events as indicated in the responsibilities listed above.
  • The ability to recruit members of the burn community to help plan and execute events
  • The ability to report on the committee’s activities to the BOD clearly, succinctly, and in a timely manner
  • Experience in working with the burn community
  • Experience in planning, executing, and supervising the committee’s activities and events
  • Experience in evaluating candidates for the end-of-year grants
  • Experience in working with similar committees:
    • running meetings efficiently
    • assigning task items and following up on them
    • maintaining communication/contact with committee members, members of the Board, and any local organizations

The deadline for application is Fri, Mar 13. Apply here.

You may email any questions you have about the committee or the chair application to board@flashpointart.org.

The Board Liaison for the Home Committee is Dale Lyles. The secondary Board Liaison is Alyson Brown.