FAI Board Elections 2020

Flashpoint Artists Initiative [FAI] is the organization responsible for overseeing the creation of and the running of Georgia’s two burns, Alchemy and Euphoria. The FAI Board manages the property, affairs, and business of our burns.

There are two positions on the Board opening up as the terms of Luis Uribe and Dale Lyles come to an end. (The new board members will serve a two-year term, through 2022.)

Are you wondering whether you’d be a good Board member? Qualities in a good Board member include past experience working with the burn structure (Event Committee, volunteering); collegiality; initiative; knowledge/experience with strategic planning; experience in some kind of project management; communication skills, especially in tense or emotional circumstances; ability to hear criticism and make changes when appropriate and to defuse when not (and the ability to know the difference).

The Board meets every third Saturday; candidates would have to be able to attend those meetings, either in person or remotely. (Currently the meetings are on Zoom, but in Real Times they are in the metro Atlanta area.)

Because of fiduciary conflicts, no Board member may serve as a member of the Event Committee. (Team leads, etc., are permitted.)
Here’s the timeline:

  • applications for candidates: Aug 24–Sep 23
  • announcement of candidates: Sep 24
  • online voting: Oct 1–15
  • votes tabulated: Oct 16
  • board ratifies votes/winners: Oct 17
  • onboarding of new board members: Nov/Dec
  • new board members take office: Jan 16

If you’re ready to apply, here’s the Google form: https://forms.gle/618HbEx3kC1eBiL56

All candidates are asked to read the FAI bylaws. You should as well: radical self-informing is a thing.

To vote in this election, you must have attended at least one FAI event (burn/fundraiser) in the last 24 months. Your name may be verified against our attendance records, so please use your legal name to vote.

Voting will open until 9:00 pm on Mon, Oct 21. Vote here.


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