Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: January 2008

” Meeting begins at 3:17 pm.Present: Danielle, Joshua, Lee, Lovelace, Rebecca, TroyTopic: Date selection for 2008 event10/2-6 is ok’d by landowners; still waiting to hear from AtlPsy and Touch Samadhi if the date is a conflict. Overall response from Burning Ring of Fire was good about date- no events conflicting.Topic: Letter to Burning Man requesting official regional event statusAction: Troy will draft letterTopic:  place created on website for minutes to be postedAction: each board member will write a bio to post to board listTopic: TempleAction: Rebecca put out word about the temple via various yahoo lists and the Alchemy Tribe. Troy will be in touch with the Transformus BOD about posting on their various lists and sites. Danielle will post word on Burning Regions tribe ( Team lead applications thus farRebecca spoke with Keith regarding effigy team, he is stoked about taking this role on, and has been independently working on supporting his weaknesses by finding support for his team.A discussion ensued regarding the process of  applying for team lead roles. Decided that the process was second to the goal (getting people involved).Action: Joshua will restate the call with a clarification to just express interest, adding an “accessible” vibe.Discussion about Joshua’s and Clove’s applications indicate board approval thus far, but no decisions will be made until after the 15th. Joshua stated that he viewed his responsibility as Ranger Team Lead as being the coordination of volunteers in the Rangering role, but not specifically recruiting enough volunteers to fill every shift. He stated that if enough people didn’t volunteer to fill every shift, then he would take that as a sign that the community didn’t view Rangering every shift as essential, and would fill the shifts that he viewed as highest-priority (e.g. burn night). He requested confirmation from the board that this was consistent with their values and expectations, and the board confirmed it. We identified that the roles we need in place now are Effigy Lead, Art Team, Event Lead, Media, Volunteer lead, and Temple Lead. Joshua stepped up to be the temporary lead for volunteers- he will keep a database of contacts for those who have expressed some interest to anyone about volunteering. Also discussed that we will need to do some recruiting to fill some roles.Action: all of us give any contacts/ leads we have to Joshua.Action: Joshua will format them in a Google document.Action: Rebecca will follow up with Tunna about his interest.Action: Danielle will investigate other event sites, and the touchflame burnwiki about finding role definitions/ documents that define expectations.Action: Online assessment once the 15th arrives, and let’s all not let this slip through the cracks.Action: Troy will check news section of website that the call for team leads is up.Topic: Mission StatementLots and lots of discussion and wordsmithing and philosophy. Assessed that this topic needs more time than we have on hand, and that we are still in the drafting stage.Action: every board member interested is encouraged to take the concepts discussed thus far and wordsmith a mission statement by the 22nd. Rebecca will research definition and purpose of a mission statement.Topic: Art grantsDecided to in some part fund an effigy and a temple for the event with funds from Alchemy. In lieu of art grants, we agree to fund art not thru ticket sales but through fundraising or other possible avenues. Action: choose art lead after deadline, Rebecca will be in touch with lead and discuss meeting date to discuss creating a fundraiser event. Meeting open to anyone interested in involvement.Meeting adjourned (i think) 5:40 pm.