Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: September 2008

“Meeting Minutes for Alchemy, LLC Board of DirectorsSeptember 13, 2009Location:  ShadowbrookIn attendance:  Danielle, Runaway, Puzzle, GBear, TryMe! and RebeccaMeeting convened at 3:12 pmPrevious items requiring a vote:1.  August meeting minutes:  All approved2.  Finalized insurance plan:  All approved3.  Waivers:  tabled, Rebecca to submit revised waivers by MondayOutstanding items:1.  Survival guide:  Three days to release.  Reworking for better presentation.  To be addressed by people at the work day today, and released by Wednesday by Puzzle.2.  Penis:  All approved.  Cock: All approved.  Junk:  Runaway abstains; Rebecca, Puzzle and Danielle approve; GBear and TryMe! disapprove.  Junk passes.3.  Alchemist:  Is this a duplicate of the Survival Guide?  General consensus held that it was not, and should still be presented.  This should be out by Sunday, after BOD approves. (Action Item: Puzzle)4.  Kid Law:  Action Item: Rebecca – Get revised list of laws to BOD by Wednesday, as well as having website with laws by Wednesday (to be linked in Survival Guide).  Action Item:  Rebecca – continue to try to get an attorney referral.5.  Perimeter lighting:  Done, including music syncher.6.  Stakes for perimeter lighting:  Action Item:  Runaway – to get at a home store7.  Golden Stake:  The idea of having one was adopted, and it will be used to center Effigy and create perimeter.8.  In/Out tokens:  Question:  Use Troy and Rebecca’s dog tags?  All approved.  Question:  Alchemy to pay the cost of (only) the dog tags used?  All approved.9.  Current Financials:  Things are pending for this month, but we are within $2k of getting all budgeted items, including golf carts.  There were questions about how the tier 1 price appears on the financial reports, as well as Pay Pal fees (Action Item:  Runaway to review these, as well as reorganization of some of the items under “Miscellaneous”).  Radio licenses were purchased under Troy’s name (Alchemy is his “family”) for 5 years.10.  Lamplighter Lead:  We have no lead, although a new person from Nashville has volunteered to help.  We have 48 new lamps11.  Staggered elections:  Election at the next Town Hall meeting for the Board of Directors of Alchemy will establish a future staggered election of the BOD, using the top 2 elected members as the people who will serve 2 years each, with the last 3 who will serve 1 year each.  All future elections will then be for 2 year terms.  All approved.12.  Art Fundraiser Report:  Sent to BOD by Puzzle13.  Decompression:  Meeting scheduled for Sunday the 28th of September, at Cherokee Farm (during work weekend), at 4:20, at the Staff Tent.  Decompression is scheduled for November 22, as an all night event.  The venue will be Blue Tower.  Funds will come from presales beginning a month prior to the event (October 15), as well as door sales.  Insurance will be from the same company Alchemy uses for the Alchemy Festival.  Promotion should begin right away.  A web presence should be established after Alchemy (possibly on burn night).  Runaway agreed to act as “co-lead” (Action Item:  Runaway and Danielle to talk this week for planning).  Questions were discussed concerning whether or not there will be an attendance cap (this depends on fire code), as well as security (Rangers, possibly) and other issues that might come about if this is an all night event.  Whether or not we use the hill will have to be in writing from the owners.  The web address “” was approved by all (Action Item:  Troy to get this address).  14.  Vision Statement:  TABLED! – All approvedAdjourned:  4:37pmEmergency Meeting of the Board of Directors, held directly after the scheduled Board meeting Question:  Should Alchemy pay for pizza and beer today for workers at the work day?  All Approved.Question:  Should we have an after party for Alchemy festival volunteers and pay for it from Alchemy funds?  All Approved. “

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: August 2008

Alchemy board meeting 8/9/20093:42 Meeting called to order. In attendance: Danielle, Lovelace, Rebecca, Troy, Lee, Joshua.VOTE: Troy moves that Lovelace be called “Giant Bear.” All agree. Lovelace / GBEAR abstains.Financial reports and status reports from Troy. Troy did not bring copies, but they are currently up on the web site, under the Alchemy, LLC section. Troy made an executive decision to call the shade structures a depreciable asset. We are well under the expense limit and so we want to expense everything we can for tax reasons. Ticket sales at 302. Troy says, If we stopped selling tickets now, we could do everything we did last year. We wouldn’t have some things that we want for this year like golf carts, but basically we’re pretty good from here on out. As we get to 500 people, we get to do more discretionary things.New budget items:·         LED lights for effigy perimeter.·         Money for fire permits, etc…·         Money for medical? (Refer to Medical team lead once appointed)·         Sashes and patches for rangers?Insurance policy. Troy reports this is the 2nd insurer who has gotten weird with him. This one is Gold Coast who has insured Transformus. They were really responsive, but when Troy asked for the underlying documents to examine, they clammed up. Troy says he’s not willing to give up on this guy yet, but he can’t get any more info on our questions. Lee points out it’s the end of the summer and he could be on vacation or something. Danielle says there has been discussion about Gale’s Creek, which was the first company we touched bases with and says they are more responsive over phone than email. Maybe Troy should call.Need to talk about the volunteer labor rider. Two choices: one is primary coverage rider, which means insurance policy pays first before volunteer’s coverage pays. Secondary coverage pays whatever is left over after the volunteer’s coverage (if it exists) is exhausted.VOTE: secondary coverage. All in favor.Children at burns / attorneys issue. The list had like 400 attorneys. How should we divide it? List is really too big and we need a recommendation.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca says she’ll send an email to attorneys she knows and see if she can get referral.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca to research GA and federal laws r.e. children just to get a summary.Restatement: Must notify bartenders of responsibility to card. Survival guide, newsletter, web page, at gate and at Connexus. Need something like that for adult activities.ACTION ITEM: GBEAR to update Flipside waivers for Alchemy and send to list for approval.In-and-outs: Lee has done research on tokens and buttons and dog tags oh my! Lee suggests pin-buttons because if you don’t give it away it’s just schwag, and it also makes it easy to collect them at the gate by pinning them to a cloth. Lee has a place that can deliver in a week that is like $250 for 800 full-color buttons. Troy asks if we’ve compared the price of that to the price of making them ourselves, but that would take time and Lee says home-pressed buttons would not stick together.ACTION ITEM: Lee to compare cost of ordering online vs. pressing ourselves.ACTION ITEM: Lee has a general design. Will email to the list for approval.VOTE: 20 in/out buttons/tokens for an in/out. All approve.ACTION ITEM: Lee has the last financial info she needs for the Art Fundraiser report and will forward the report ASAP.Work weekend report. Pauly from CA did GPS mapping. Did a little de-mooping. Erin and Green cleaned out brush on about 2/3 of the road.  37 people. 11 cars. Shortest board meeting ever!!!! Figured out where to put the gate and Connexus.Atlanta Decomp. Danielle is really awesome and forgot all her notes. She met with Jason from Blue Tower this week they would love to host us. We can spread out onto the entire hill. Danielle wants that in writing because that area is not technically theirs, but he says it’s fine. He’d rather do a percentage than a flat fee, maybe 10% or 15%. Danielle likes that better. Troy points out that as you get a large number of people, the venue doesn’t contribute as much as their percentage payment is worth. The attendees contribute more. People threw out sliding percentage based on attendance or maybe percentage with cap. Danielle says can get a one-day liquor catering license. Will need fire permitting and insurance. Inside the venue, capacity is about 500-600, more if we use the hill. Danielle suggests closer to 500 because the space tends to congregate people with bottlenecks. Need porta-potties. They’re flexible about hours. Danielle suggests a town hall the next day in the same space.Question: Whether to have Alchemy town hall meeting with votes after the decomp, or whether to have just a regional town hall meeting with separate Alchemy meeting later.Question: How to introduce staggered elections or otherwise provide continuity to the board.ACTION ITEM: Danielle to introduce discussion about Decomp and staggered elections on the list.VOTE: Decomp first choice is November 22, 2nd choice is December 6th.Emergency and Fire Response stuff from Rebecca. Rebecca wants a general emergency response plan as to who does what. It should include Rangers, Fire Safety, Medical, Gate, and Troy.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca will start a discussion on Alchemy Organizers list.Team leads: Robert or Pauly for media team. Robert says if Pauly has the energy, he can have it. Troy is a big proponent of co-leads. Robert’s primary interest is in the web site.VOTE: Robert and/or Pauly for co-lead assuming they both go for it. All vote in favor.Medical team lead: Bubba John and GBEAR.VOTE: GBEAR and Bubba John for co-lead. All approve.VOTE: Chwdog for volunteer team co-lead.  All approve.VOTE: Vision statement. Move to table! All approve.Danielle asks Troy if he knows of other areas where team leads could use a co-lead or something. Lamplighters is open since Adam moved to Seattle. Siryn and Unga said they would help with lamplighters. Still need an actual team lead, though.ACTION ITEM: Danielle to check in with Siryn and Unga and put out the call if they don’t actually want to lead.Next meeting date is September 13th. Scarlett’s house. Danielle facilitates. Rebecca minute-takes.Meeting adjourned at 5:16 PM.”

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: July 2008

July 21, 2008 BOD Meeting- Cherokee Farms, La Fayette, Ga. In person attendance- Joshua/Try Me!, Lee/Puzzle, Lovelace, Rebecca and Troy/RunAway.Not in attendance- DanielleOnline decisions made- noneFINANCIAL REPORTS238 tickets sold to date$3,681.10 in current assets$3,206.82 in fixed assets$6,887.94 in total assestsACTION ITEM: Troy will create website ready financial reports from Quicken this week and get them posted to the website.INSURANCE POLICYTroy reports:Quote recieved from GOld Coast, who is familar with burns and covered Transformus in the past.$625 in total cost for a million in coverage per incident for 1000 participantsNo coverage for voluntary labor endorsement, we are going to have an additonal quaote for covering that$5000 per fire incident, asking about fire specific riderACTION ITEM: Troy will get rider information and report to the BOD for discussion and decisionCHILDREN AT BURNSJoshua/Try Me reports:Due to specific nature of the questions and his case load, the lawyer Joshua/Try Me! has on retainer is not willing to take the caseBob Morton, the attorney from the nudist association has not returned mulitple attempts to contact.Board discusses options:Troy/RunAway does not think we need a lawyer, we know what our possible liabilites are and we need to push that back on the participants. Tell theme camps told what they are responsbile for alocohol, adult activites, nudity. Guardians are responsible for their minors.    The board agrees that this is something that we would like to help the community understand, we would like to do this, but it is cost prohibitive.We agree to formulate a statement- that we believe that children at burns is important, and that we will make sure at Alchemy that children are always welcome. Educate and make the community aware of the responsibilty in the hands of the participants.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca will contact Raspa about BMORG possibliy helping us out with bill since their lawyers are NV and CA.ACTION ITEM: Troy has a copy of the waivers of the Flipside uses. Will forward to the BOD this week.ACTION ITEM: REbecca will make a list of possible attorneys in Georgia that we can call. FOrwarded to the BOD list and each member will take 5 attorneys to call.CONCENSUS: We will earmark $500 from the budget for this attorney, no more than that. IN AND OUTsCONSENSUS: We will use pins or buttons as tokensACTION ITEM: Lee/Puzzle will research costs and options and report back to the BODEFFIGY PERIMETER LIGHTINGTroy Reports: LED is cost prohibitive- $450 for 150 ft.CONSENSUS: This would be something that we would if we can, if there is enough money we will do the LED as our “dream” solution.We want to have a full circle around the effigy.ART FUNDRAISERACTION ITEM: Troy/RunAway will forward financial information to Lee to finish the Art Fundraiser financial reportACTION ITEM: Lee to follow up with Clove on the following items: Jen’s Art, Overage money.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca to put together write up.ATLANTA DECOMOTABLED: until Danielle is at meeting.Follow up with her on the list.ATLANTA WORK DAYCONSENSUS: August 9, 2008 at Puck and Kitty’s, confirmed on site with Puck and Kitty11am- Inventory of phyiscal items in their garage1pm- Mandatory TL meeting3pm BOD meeting TEAM STATUSMedia Team- we need someone to really take over the website. Troy cant continue to do it because of his own work. Lamplighting- Unga Bunga will helpWe need a new team lead.VISION STATEMENT “

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: June 2008

“2008.06.21 Alchemy BOD Meeting Minutes 2:33 pm: everyone present, meeting start Gators and Budgetwe had 200 tickets at tier onew/tier 2, now have ~213 Temple proposal? Don’t have one. Lee is going to talk to Jonathan when he gets here tonight. Insurance update:still in progress. Troy has been talking to Gold Coast Underwriters, who have insured Transformus and are comfortable with what we do. Probably will be less than the budgeted $1500.  Generating Reports for the WebsitePost four standard financial reports already posted: cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, and profit & loss. If anyone wants to see any other information, they can ask. We will include vendor information but no personal info of purchasers. Availability: On a monthly basis. Troy will also create a redacted report.  Children at burns:Rebecca has spoken to a law student. We need to be careful about making it look like we are doing a lot directly to protect children. We should have a waiver and allow the parents to retain responsibility. Kids under 18 have to be here with a parent/guardian. Have an explicit waiver for the guardian of the kid, but nothing extraordinary, because the more we do, the more our responsibility we give ourselves.  General liability:Just have an indemnification that people sign (in addition to the one on the back of the ticket) when they come in the gate. Flipside has a good indemnification procedure. We can learn from them. Joshua is happy to gift lawyer’s time to look at Georgia laws to see what would pertain to child welfare. Inform ourselves so that we can inform our participants. Rebecca: Boils down to the people who are around a child at any given moment.Troy: We would be negligent if we did not inform people of the laws.Joshua: Wants to be able to say, “This is a real attorney who has researched the information, and this is what he said.”Rebecca: Being informed might help to protect us. If we inform people of the law, then it becomes their responsibility to obey or not. Make it clear that just because we’ve presented this information to you, it doesn’t mean that we are doing anything about your personal responsibility. We have the cash for this expenditure, including current outstanding AP. Joshua will be happy to pay out of pocket and have Alchemy reimburse him. Everyone will do homework on what kind of attorney to talk to, and specific referencecs. Danielle will contact BM to see if their lawyers have anything to share with us about this topic. T: will contact the national nudist federationR: get info from all avenues, including attorney, and then make a wikiJ: start with other avenues and then end with lawyer (will hold off for now) timeline: one week  In and OutsRebecca: Idea! Charging people not fair because some people have more money than others. Answer: either pay or do some sort of service. Ex: 25 people vouch for you. Everyone gets an in/out token worth 1/xth of an in/out. Number to be determined at the next board meeting. Lee: gate lead comes down to get cash for cash in/out Rebecca will research the tokens.  Puck and KittyHappy to have the stuff they currently have in their garage until after the event. Concerned about some of the stuff b/c they have some roof leaking issues. Troy will organize inventory w/ team leads.  Vision statements: Tabled New stuff Perimeter proposal: Joshua: Rope lights would be preferable. Stakes are 12-27 cents a pieceDanielle: Paint is pretty visible at night. Can do designs like stars or whatever Consensus is that rope lights would be better. Joshua says that we should get better than the cheapest ones because the quality of the wire is not great in cheapest ones. Troy advises getting LEDs because of the power draw off the generator. Danielle: lasers?Troy: will look into lasers  New Atlanta RCsClove, Amsterdam, Wild Card Julian  Shade StructuresWorked really well; took about ten minutes to put up. Can set all of them up in about an hour with 8 people.  Art FUNdraiserBudgetClove: have $500 to pay for space. She spent ~$70. Troy is going to spend ~$180. AtlantaComdecompression event after Alchemy– one day eventall vote yesDanielle considering running it. What else? Next meeting on Saturday 7/12/2008 @ 3:00 pm.Joshua hostTroy facilitateRebecca, notes”

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: May 2008

“Alchemy Board Meeting- May 2008 Troy and Rebecca are on the phoneLovelace, Danielle, Joshua and Lee physically present Vision StatementBoard speaks breifly about the idea of a Vision Statement.  Danielle and Lee have energy and interest in writing one. Will use the the notes taken when the Mission Statement was written to put something together and bring it to the board at the June meeting.Troy wants to make sure we include the concept of sustaining the change we make at the festival in real life, everyday being.Insurance PolicyTroy has gotten in touch with a couple companies. Gales Creek out of Portland Oregon is the most promising company- has done burns before and was the suggestion of Steven Raspa.Application has been submitted, but the full proposal has not been received. Current cost estimate is $800-1500. Troy will update when he has the final amount.Tabled until the next meeting when Troy gets the proposal to review.Temple DesignLee volunteers to get a full proposal from Jonathan no later than June 1st.  Discussed staffing impact of burning the temple at dawn- Rangers and Fire Safety, doubling the staffing requirements for burn night. Temple Guardians as possible relief for the Ranger staffing.Legal and Insurance Research- Medical and KidsRebecca will research the legal risks and laws regarding children on site. Once we have that information, at the June meeting, the Board will review the information and decide what action if any needs to be taken at that time.  In and OutsAfter the TL meeting last month, Tunna suggested that Site Services handle in/outs and the Board agrees.  Medical emergency that requires off site medical attention will be allowed back when  they have been medically cleared.Board discusses the option of allowing people to pay for an in/out the cost of a final tier admission ticket.  Also discussed is how to educate the community on why we discourage in/out- to create a temporary community as separate from the default world as we can make it.Lee volunteers to write up the discussion notes and post to the Board list for continued discussion and then a final decision to be reached at the June board meeting.Renting a storage unit Joshua will check in with Kitty and Puck and see how they feel about storing the stuff until the end of the festival. Item tabled until June.    BudgetTroy brought a outline budget for the board to review based on the actuals from last year’s event. Members briefly review and add to the line items:                – Gators/ Golf carts- Troy to find pricing quotes and report back.                               -Art FUNdraiser- $750 approved by all members for this event to include the cost of renting the space as well as refreshments to be determined by the Art Team.Troy will prepare a more detailed budget for Baord review before the June meeting, item to be discussed and voted on at that time. Request from BMORG- ShadeBMORG wants to know if they can use our shade structures at Bonaroo. Will do as long as they are reutrned in the same condition is approved. Voted, confirmed.Alchemy Village at TfusUsing Alchemy shade structures at Tfus. Voted, confirmed.Update from SmokeyEvent that is using Cherokee Farms wants to come on the land on Sunday, Troy told Smokey that this was unacceptable. Smokey may have them on another part of the land on that Sunday.  Troy will report back on this issue when he has more information from Smokey.  AJ: 4:25″

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: April 2008

“Board Meeting, 2008-04-19, 4:27pmAll members present, many other observers A question regarding recording the votes of our YahooGroup online polls:The board agreed unanimously that the next meeting’s recorder would identify closed polls between meetings and adds them to the minutes, with no discussion required. Online decision polls completed since last meeting:

  • Vote 6-0 in the affirmative for Amsterdam as temple lead (3/25/08)
  • Vote 5-0 in the affirmative with 1 abstaining for adding Board members’ email addresses to bios page (3/26/08)
  • Vote 5-0 in the affirmative with 1 abstaining for setting our initial ticket cap at 1,000 participants, with the understanding that we will review this according to the number of volunteers we have at that time (3/26/08)
  • Vote 6-0 in the affirmative, approving $500 for space for art fundraiser (4/8/2008)

Old businessVision statementPuzzle volunteers to put together guidelines for next board meeting.  Further discussion was tabled until next board meeting.  Insurance policyTroy reports that obtaining an insurance policy was still in progress, waiting for contact back.  Danielle noted that requirements included BRCLLC and the BM RC as additional insured.  Lee has in mind an insurance agency that writes risky policies.  To be nailed down before next board meeting.Effigy design proposalReceived and approved in prior meetingTemple design proposalInitial information received, but no full proposal provided as yet.Outstanding team lead positionsMedical:Lee reports that Thistle was willing to help, but that he is concerned about being stuck at medical.  The board agreed that we need someone on call 24/7 but not necessarily at the booth, training would be good for Rangers and possibly Team Leads (red cross, or Lee?).  2 hours of training may be enough.  Troy noted that we want an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) eventually.  Danielle agreed to ping regionals list to ask about medical team experience.  Question was raised:  what are legal requirements for medical?  Need research.  Rebecca agreed to research the legal aspect,  and Troy agreed to check out any insurance requirements.  Question was raised whether we should have participants sign waiver?  Board agreed that the ticket indemnification should be sufficient.Site Services and Volunteer co-lead positions:  these are still open and we’re at a loss for good candidates at the moment.Child welfare How to protect children onsite:Ideas –Wristband that identifies key contact info.Concern is liability versus reasonable person standard.   People could bring kid to info tent.  What about wristbands for nonoverbals?  Need official policy for parents who have lost kids, how to deal.  “”Code Adam””.  It was noted that we had an official policy last year (close gates, find child before allowing anyone else out or in).  Consenus that we need the policy posted everywhere, survival guide.  Etc. It was noted that the issue is two pronged – not just kids getting lost, but kids exposed to adult material.Outstanding question is what is extent of liability?Parents’ responsibility is clear in indemnification.  Should we extend photography restrictions?Let’s be defensive versus reactive.  How to protect everyone at the event?  All agreed that the board should set a policy.  Will a waiver cover it?  What are the insurance requirements?  – Troy will find outWe need to find out what laws apply –  Rebecca will identify laws.  Put laws and code adam info in survival guide to inform parents – Mediateam. New businessLandowner touch baseTroy has spoken recently with the landowner and we are confirmed for Oct 2-6.  There will be another group coming in just after us so there may be some overlap on Monday.  The event cost will be the same as last year:  $2000 covers the first 750 participants and $5 per participant after that.Landowner staffTo clarify what landowner guests and staff are allowed on the property during the event, Alchemy will negotiate offering 20 laminates for use by Smokey as he sees fit.   This was not a problem last year, just preempts potential concerns.In-and-outsHow do we reduce in-and-outs including our own in-and-outs?The issue was tabled for further discussion onlineBudgetArt fundraiser, need to nail down details.  $500 cost to rent event space.  Board approved an additional $250 for other expenses.  We need detailed budget from Art Team. Board unanimously approved purchase of Quickbooks and invitations.Board agreed unanimously to approve general budget at next meeting – Troy will draw up budget.Board agreed unanimously that Troy will do a monthly posting of detailed financials, available prior to board meeting and then posted on the web for public information.Board agreed unanimously that items outside the budget expenditure process needs to be approved as a line item.Board agreed unanimously that they would allow a budget item overage as necessary, so long as it was the lesser of +25% or $200.Ticket Cap  Board agreed to keep the current ticket cap at 1000 participants.  After much discussion, the board agreed unanimously to re-address the ticket cap if and when we reach 750 sold or at the August meeting otherwise.Team Staffing LevelsThe board agreed unanimously that team staffing levels should be decided between the event lead and team leads, and if intractable disagreement, then the board gets involved.Staff Vehicles on siteThe board agreed unanimously that on-site staff vehicles should be subject to same mobile art requirements as other vehicles.StorageBoard tabled discussion of renting a storage unit until a later meeting.NewsletterBoard agreed unanimously to set the policy that the board will review and approve the newsletter prior to posting.  The media team will allow the board 48 hours for response.  Board agreed unanimously to start an online blog on the site.  – Troy and mediateam will work on thisArt FundraiserBoard agreed unanimously to ask the Art team to develop a contract between the artists and community (to include moop guidelines, etc).  We also request that the Art team show this to the BOD as soon as possible.AltBurnativeA new burn group called AltBurnative has approached us about getting involved in their July burn.  The board voted unanimously not to take on this event under Alchemy’s umbrella. Meeting adjourned at 6:56pm.  Next meeting will be held on May 10th at 3pm.  Danielle will host, Joshua will facilitate, Lee will record.Just after the meeting, Tunna suggested that site services could handle all in/out deliveries during the event, perhaps on a set time per day.

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: March 2008

Alchemy BOD Meeting 2008.03.08 3:21 pm – Meeting startPresent: Lee, Joshua, and Lovelace. Troy and Rebecca on speaker phone. Danielle not present. Item 1: Issue brought up on list about child welfare

  • Propose to table the issue until the April meeting because Danielle is not present. Burning Man, Inc. will probably want to have input via Danielle. It will also benefit us to ask for their input and draw on their previous experience. A viable solution may already be in place.
  • Agreed

Item 2: Regarding access to the volunteer contact list:

  • Majority (5:1) voted in Yahoo poll to open the contact list to all people with an email address. The minority vote was to open the contact list to an audience broader than the domain, so all members agree to open up access to the contact list.
  • Agreed to go with majority vote in the poll.
  • There was discussion about people not wanting their information available, but it was decided that anyone concerned about privacy issues can create a free Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. account that we can use to contact them. Anyone who chooses to withhold their phone number from this list may do so. Street addresses are not on the list.

Item 3: Open/closing the gate

  • Gates open: 9am Thursday
  • Gates close: 8pm Saturday
  • Site close: 6pm Monday

There was some discussion about having enough staff on site by 9 a.m. Thursday to handle opening the site at that time. The consensus was that that we should set the expectation that the event will open at this time and make sure that we have the staff to handle it. All agree to these hours. Item 4: Art teamClove just sent an email to the board list, organizers, etc. list about their progress to date. Item 5: Effigy meeting last weekLee was there. They’ve decided how they will divide their various tasks. Item 6: Scarlett’s application for volunteer team leadThe consensus was that this is probably one of the biggest team lead commitments. The team needs someone with good organizational skills as well as people who reach across boundaries and can bring people together. We think it would be best to have two co-leads for this team. Board agrees to accept Scarlett as co-lead. Item 7: Press releasesHow and when to handle those. Do we want the media team or board to handle. Our long term goal is to have a person or persons on the media team handle requests for information. These people would ideally have some experience communicating with the press, but the most important thing is that the message they send out be consistent with the board’s intent. Because we don’t currently have that, and because the members of the board could be held liable for anything said to the press, it was agreed that the board should handle responses to the press for the time being. The matter of formal press releases and creating a Wiki page have a fairly low priority right now, so we decided not to do them. Next meeting: Sat, April 12 @ 3:00 pmFacilitating: RebeccaMinutes: JoshuaHosting: Lee (if Danielle doesn’t want to) Meeting end at 4:03 p.m.”

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: February 2008

“Alchemy Board MeetingFebruary 9, 2008Location:  ShadowbrookPresent:  Danielle, Joshua, Troy, Rebecca, Lee, Lovelace (all)Lovelace lead the meeting.Agenda Item 1.  Letter to Burning Man regarding official regional status.Letter is drafted and approved.  Troy will hand deliver this at the regional summit (February 15-18) in San Francisco.Agenda Item 2.  Burn Bios from Board Members, for website.Bios are still due from Joshua, Lovelace and Danielle.  Board was prompted to also send in photos.Agenda Item 3.  Temple for Alchemy 2008.Troy is going to re-address people who are interested.Agenda Item 4.  Team Leads.The Board confirmed:Justin- Music LeadMike – Site LayoutPete – Fire ConclaveLee – LNT LeadKeith – EffigyClaudia – GateStill unfilled roles as of meeting date were as follows:  Medical, Fire Safety, Mobile Art, Volunteer Coordinator, Site Services and Temple.Rebecca agreed to follow up with Tunna regarding his interest in Site Services.Other possible people to talk with about lead positions included Fuzzy for Medical and Ryan for Site Services.  Danielle agreed to talk to Ryan, and Lee agreed to talk to Fuzzy.New Business:1.  Fire Safety ideas.The Board discussed talking about fire safety issues in the Alchemy newsletter.2.  Voting Online.The Board agreed to try the Yahoo poll feature for voting purposes.  Poll items will be maintained by whoever is acting as secretary at the moment.3.  Parking Issues onsite.The Board agreed that we don’t want a ton of cars parked within the festival this year.  The Board agreed that all cars parked within the camping area must be decorated, regardless of if they are mobile or not.  Such cars must register with Mobile Art.The Survival Guide will discuss this further, as well as the No In and Out policy will be stressed.4.  Promoter who contacted Joshua.Joshua updated the Board on the music promoter.  The decision was made that the promotor should be directed to Theme Camp Lead as well as Center Camp Lead.  Joshua felt that the promotor understood the idea behind burns, and would not be a problem.5.  Tickets.Tickets will go on sale April 1st.Next Meeting is at Lovelace’s house.  Lee will take minutes, Rebecca will lead. “

Alchemy LLC BOD Minutes: January 2008

” Meeting begins at 3:17 pm.Present: Danielle, Joshua, Lee, Lovelace, Rebecca, TroyTopic: Date selection for 2008 event10/2-6 is ok’d by landowners; still waiting to hear from AtlPsy and Touch Samadhi if the date is a conflict. Overall response from Burning Ring of Fire was good about date- no events conflicting.Topic: Letter to Burning Man requesting official regional event statusAction: Troy will draft letterTopic:  place created on website for minutes to be postedAction: each board member will write a bio to post to board listTopic: TempleAction: Rebecca put out word about the temple via various yahoo lists and the Alchemy Tribe. Troy will be in touch with the Transformus BOD about posting on their various lists and sites. Danielle will post word on Burning Regions tribe ( Team lead applications thus farRebecca spoke with Keith regarding effigy team, he is stoked about taking this role on, and has been independently working on supporting his weaknesses by finding support for his team.A discussion ensued regarding the process of  applying for team lead roles. Decided that the process was second to the goal (getting people involved).Action: Joshua will restate the call with a clarification to just express interest, adding an “accessible” vibe.Discussion about Joshua’s and Clove’s applications indicate board approval thus far, but no decisions will be made until after the 15th. Joshua stated that he viewed his responsibility as Ranger Team Lead as being the coordination of volunteers in the Rangering role, but not specifically recruiting enough volunteers to fill every shift. He stated that if enough people didn’t volunteer to fill every shift, then he would take that as a sign that the community didn’t view Rangering every shift as essential, and would fill the shifts that he viewed as highest-priority (e.g. burn night). He requested confirmation from the board that this was consistent with their values and expectations, and the board confirmed it. We identified that the roles we need in place now are Effigy Lead, Art Team, Event Lead, Media, Volunteer lead, and Temple Lead. Joshua stepped up to be the temporary lead for volunteers- he will keep a database of contacts for those who have expressed some interest to anyone about volunteering. Also discussed that we will need to do some recruiting to fill some roles.Action: all of us give any contacts/ leads we have to Joshua.Action: Joshua will format them in a Google document.Action: Rebecca will follow up with Tunna about his interest.Action: Danielle will investigate other event sites, and the touchflame burnwiki about finding role definitions/ documents that define expectations.Action: Online assessment once the 15th arrives, and let’s all not let this slip through the cracks.Action: Troy will check news section of website that the call for team leads is up.Topic: Mission StatementLots and lots of discussion and wordsmithing and philosophy. Assessed that this topic needs more time than we have on hand, and that we are still in the drafting stage.Action: every board member interested is encouraged to take the concepts discussed thus far and wordsmith a mission statement by the 22nd. Rebecca will research definition and purpose of a mission statement.Topic: Art grantsDecided to in some part fund an effigy and a temple for the event with funds from Alchemy. In lieu of art grants, we agree to fund art not thru ticket sales but through fundraising or other possible avenues. Action: choose art lead after deadline, Rebecca will be in touch with lead and discuss meeting date to discuss creating a fundraiser event. Meeting open to anyone interested in involvement.Meeting adjourned (i think) 5:40 pm.