FAI BOD Minutes: May 2019

May 18, 2019

“The mission of Flashpoint Artists Initiative is to encourage growth & development of a community that promotes artistic creativity and freedom of expression.”

Meeting Location: Mary’s House; 3327 Hidden Acres Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340
Meeting Time: 1pm-4pm

Meeting called to order at 1:35 PM.

    • Board members present:
    • Officers present: (President), (Vice-President), (Treasurer), (Secretary) Everybody
    • Community members present: Craig, Cinnimini
    • Item 1 – Building permit for effigy
    • Item 2 – Tori/Tyberg Issue – save for executive session at end of meeting
    • Alchemy 2019 Dates – Oct 3-6, 2019
    • Future event dates – Recommended –
      • EU20 Apr 2-5 – Have EU next year? Exec Session
      • A20 Oct 1-4
      • EU21 April 15-18 –
      • A21 Sep 30-Oct 3 –
      • Move to accept these dates as our next two years’ events dates – Mary
      • Approved by Consensus.
      • Ryan to approach Hugh about the dates. Aware we need K for A19 ASAP.
    • Need to increase numbers to meet CHE expectations. Hugh wants it to grow. We need to perhaps make a baseline minimum payment – Approved by Consensus
    • President’s Report (Mary)
    • Action Items from last month’s BOD Meeting (Date of Last Meeting 04/27/19)
      • Shoot for 501c3 change on January 1. Get with Draven and the accountant. Move forward as a single unit – moved. Approved by Consensus
      • Make sure EC is fully aware that they have to give their Event Report at the June BoD meeting. Mary to email ELs about same. Ryan and Stabler to call in. Get agenda out ahead of time.
      • Consider a partnership arrangement with FLOW to perhaps use Euphoria for training and development in exchange for a discount. Maybe able to staff Eu with fewer paid people. Put together Flow’s prices over time. Draven will put this together along with attendance data.
      • Year-Round Insurance Model – Draven to check on this.
      • Fund people bringing in art instead of cross-pollination –
      • Try to get Incendia back for Alchemy
      • How do we get more money for art grants? Can we designate certain percentages to impermanent art (food, burnable art), existing art transport and maintenance and reach out to some local artists
      • Alchemy something or other sell Stabler’s ponies to the Alpo plant.
      • Luis – met a community service group that does parks restoration and maintenance – we could partner as a way to get people into LNT. Do one where they are and then ask to do one in CH… Luis has their info. Wants to make a series of events sponsored by the A19 EC, and possibly some of the TCOs. Cost is about 200-300. Other org provides all the equipment. Maybe Home Committee? Luis will reach out to Park Pride and get their requirements. Luis’s group had about 30-35. Park Pride has enough stuff to cover about 40 people or fewer. Luis will get in touch for tentative dates and projects.
    • Committee Updates
      • Public Works Committee (Liaison Mary)
        • Craig is here to give us an update on PWC – 4 new generators. Exploring how to streamline inventory process to make load-in the inventory process, would free inventory weekend for team building and so on. They are looking at barcoding. He has chatted with Uber about it, who feels strongly both ways. Maybe
        • Update 2 – if we are going to continue renting structures, we ought to relieve ourselves of some of those – also need to replace wall that was damaged at gate.
        • Craig will check in with Karen about flame rating for the Circus tent.
      • Event Committee (Liaison Mary)
      • Communications Committee (Liaison(s) Chad)
        • Update 1 Work on Alchemy site should begin soon – FAI will be third. Need content migration – someone needs to read the pages from the old site and making sure it is accurate to send to Liz – no technical knowledge required.
      • Home Committee (Liaison(s) Ryan and Luis) –
        • schedule meeting with Cass – I will reach out to Cass
        • Ryan wants to get our community involved with CH.
      • Conduct Committee (Liaison(s))
        • Committee on indefinite hiatus
    • Put a line item on the tickets for art donations?
    • A line item for infrastructure (Showers)? Maybe a poll to see if people will be willing to pay extra for showers, and how much –
    • Prelim Shower research – Units with anywhere from 1 – 28 shower heads are available for rent. City water hookup is cheaper, but the can fill onboard water tanks, if necessary. Need electric, and can run on generator. Gray water is stored in tanks, and can be removed as necessary, unless there is a sewer hookup available. City water and sewer greatly reduce cost. We would need an ADA.
    • All Conduct Agreements need revision – I think we ought to add a TCO conduct agreement as well, and I think it should be rigorously enforced esp for BoD members’ camps. Past perception is that BoD members’ camps get away with a lot more stuff. Executive.
    • Treasurer’s Report – in this morning’s email.
      • Org:
      • Alchemy Event:
      • Euphoria Event: It appears Euphoria may have come out a few hundred ahead?? There may be some upcoming expenses.
      • Art Fundraiser Event:
      • PWC: 3352 for 4 generators (3,500)
      • Money Market (Op Reserves):
      • Available Credit Line: same
  • VI. ACTION ITEMS – Will be sent in email.
    • Motion to Adjourn: (Movant) Move to adjourn and move to exec session after a break.
    • Second (Secondary Movant)
    • Vote:
    • Time: