FAI BOD Minutes: Mar 2019

MARCH 23, 2019

“The mission of Flashpoint Artists Initiative is to encourage growth & development of a community that promotes artistic creativity and freedom of expression.”

Meeting Location: 3327 Hidden Acres Drive
Atlanta, GA 30340
Meeting Time: 1pm-4pm

Meeting called to order at 1:35 PM.

    • Board members present:
    • Officers present: Mary (President), Chad (Vice-President), (Treasurer), Duane(Secretary) 2:20 Duane called Ryan after he remembered, Luis called in at 1:42
    • Community members present: Alex Bottems – Gracie’s Safety Co-Lead
    • Risik Settlement Negotiations -Exec.
    • Modifications to our event security and safety measures from Chatt Hills meeting
      • Firearm policy
      • Drug Policy
    • Cleaning the Circus Tent – unless we talked about that in Feb
    • President’s Report (Mary)
      • Thank you for your productivity and respectfulness.
      • It’s been a busy month. We’ve (Jenn Thompson, Jamie Ouderkirk, and Myself) met with the Fire and Police Chiefs, as well as the City Manager for Chatt Hills. The meeting went incredibly well, and the EC are working diligently to provide all requested information.
    • Action Items from last month’s BOD Meeting (02/16/19)
      • Make sure EC knows we need an afterburn report – Tweak them again, and make sure they know the dates
      • Make sure FLOW knows we need EMT/incident reports/summary and SOP
      • Require review of afterburn reports at Nov and June BoD meetings
      • Let them know everything that has to included and what our expectations are
      • Vote Wed on the PWC budget and Event proposal. Stabler says they are ok.
      • Remind CHFD to have a boot drive – they just had to buy a new fire truck.
      • Ryan asks to identify a champion for 501c3 Draven is on it.
      • Chad has updated the strengths finder spreadsheet – check it – Chad says in looking at some of the traits, Duane and Luis round out some of the strengths of the BoD – encourages everyone to look at the sheet. Chad gave one to Aly as well. Stabler has not done his. We still have one or two licenses left.
    • Committee Updates
      • Public Works Committee (Liaison Duane, Mary)
        • Annika requests a membership at Restaurant Depot for volunteer support stuff – have them find out the details, and Alex will check with his Sysco rep.
        • Archive management and Corporate Record protection/preservation. Tori suggests a technology roundtable – Duane will ask Tori to set up a meeting with her, Chad and Ghini
        • I asked PWC vols to organize paper waivers for scanning and archiving they did that!
        • Update re Circus Tent
        • PWC is putting gravel around the containers. Need to ask Ed if we can use gravel from onsite
        • Craig is getting us four-seater carts for the event – in the event of an emergency, they will be surrendered to EC
      • Event Committee (Mary)
        • Impending Firesuit Purchase – Can they be rented? Alex is asking Cat to get rental info
        • Waiting mainly on structures info
        • Alex will be leading Safety with Gracie at the Safety Training and EU19
      • Communications Committee (Chad, Ryan, Luis)
        • Website is up!!
        • Chad is putting together a PR policy and guidelines for volunteers, and BoD, and so on. Sara will help Chad with that.
        • Communications request that we communicate with communications – let them know when meetings are, etc, and for clarification as to who is responsible for getting BoD info to them for posting, FB, the Alchemist. We need to communicate back and forth, to ensure that things both happen. Sara suggests cross-committee meetings. Let our committees know to communicate with communications – may show up to bod meetings.
      • Home Committee (Mary)
      • Conduct Committee (Liaison(s))
        • Committee on indefinite hiatus – motion to remove update section from minutes until hiatus ends. OK to remove.
    • Executive Thread Modification  – have a regular chat, and open an executive section as needed and then delete when it is finished.
    • Proposal for Electronic Waivers Ryan estimates 500-1000 year for EW, and they will store them
    •    Also are they legally sufficient?  What is required?  ID scan as well?
    • File Nomenclature and Management
    • Protocol for Annual Report Document Submission – if everything has been recorded and properly saved and named, everything except last minute financials should be able to be assembled before EOY. Need to establish a file nomenclature that we can use for everything.
    • EU19 Status Update
    • Contacts list – All our contacts in one place – maybe a spreadsheet we can separate into sheets
    • Need to make templates so new leads, etc are not typing over old Google docs and inadvertently changing the originals. A project to create this, and link from the Project Plan – which has not been created.
    • Need to announce Alchemy dates at this meeting. Give the EC permission to announce/remind.
    • For me – ask HBomb about FLOW shadowing for a few hours, and maybe hit them up about e waivers.  
    • Vaccination policy
    • Waiver updates – Jacob
    • Drone Policy – Jacob
    • SERT – ask about e waivers and contact mgt. Looks like we can have about ten people – they are planning on us being there, but we won’t get the official invite until we post the stuff on the website.
      • What about a swag swap at SERT? OK. Get a list together – Event Leads, PWC Chairs, BoD, EC –
      • Chad
      • Ryan
      • Draven
      • HBomb
      • Brian
      • Jeff
      • Craig
      • We have three more spots for who EC needs
      • FART – Flashpoint Artists Round Table
    • Art Fundraiser matching. Looks like we’ve done about 5,000 last two years. Ask Draven about the funds. Mandate requirements for check dispersal
    • Chain of custody documents, major assets,
    • Not conduct codes – memoranda of understanding.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Org:
    • Alchemy Event:
    • Euphoria Event:
    • Art Fundraiser Event:
    • PWC:
    • Money Market (Op Reserves):
    • Available Credit Line:
    • Motion to Adjourn: (Movant)
    • Second (Secondary Movant)
    • Vote: Consensus.
    • Time: 3:25

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