FAI BOD Minutes: Oct 2018

October 20, 2018

“The mission of Flashpoint Artists Initiative is to encourage growth & development of a community that promotes artistic creativity and freedom of expression.”

Meeting Location: Ryan King’s Apartment
Meeting Time: 1pm-4pm

Meeting called to order at PM.

    • A. Board members present: Alyson Brown, Daniel Draven, Ryan King, David Stabler, Mary Robb, Chad Jones (by phone)
    • B. Officers present: Mary Robb (President), Daniel Draven (Treasurer)
    • C. Community members present:
    • A. [redacted] TPO – raises the broader question of whether we want to enforce outside orders between parties regarding issues not arising at our events.
    • B. Conduct committee placed on indefinite hiatus – until the question of appropriateness is resolved.
  • A. President’s Report (Mary)
    • Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work in helping our EC put on a great burn.
  • B. Action Items from September BOD Meeting
    • 1. Creating communication guidelines for the org (Ryan and Chad).
      • Sara Hensel will be the chair
      • Has she had a chance to populate the committee
      • Aly – specific concerning having high level EC member who is also a committee chair
      • Executive session 1:27- 1:49
      • Move to change leadership policy to Committee Chairs also being allowed to be EC members.
      • Vote 4-0 with Aly abstaining
    • Need to establish who clearly manages social media channels — who’s an admin vs. who moderates threads (??) – In progress. Since at least February 2017. Communications Committee
    • Vice-president sent letter to Dalon requesting return of deposit (Chad) – no response, and Dalon did not use the Alchemy ticket he requested.
    • Review and update committee charters for internal consistency (Mary) After Alchemy
    • Website Status update Communications is handling – progress?
    • Need new land contract, what dates is CHE available? Chief Brett says ours is a ceremonial burning, and does not fall under the burn ban. I love that guy.
    • 7. Plan to work on deposit return from Dalon
    • 8. Risik update – I still don’t have a shareable copy of the Risik transcript. Kevin keeps sending one that comes through as a PDF instead of a bundle.
  • Committee Updates
    • A. Public Works Committee (Aly and Draven) –
      • Does Jeff know PWC was authorized to spend the money to get the circus tent washed?
      • Jeff wonders whether Craig will be assertive enough with certain EC members to maintain control of inventory and access.
    • B.. Event Committee (Mary, Aly)
      • A18 is done and was an overall huge success!
      • Plus Delta is scheduled for next Saturday – Oct 27, 2018
      • Board needs to discuss non-negotiables for next events
    • C. Communications Committee (??)
      • 1. Flashpoint website launch update.
      • Any news?
    • D. Home Committee (Ryan and )
      • Cass has expressed interest in getting the Home Committee up and running again. Is the Board OK with that? What are our current home committee goals?
    • E. Conduct Committee (Chad, Draven)
      • Indefinite hiatus pending rechartering, and considering Jacob’s statements at the last meeting.
    • Elections Committee Set Up Llucas and Ivan/Lance, maybe Ghini for technicals. Call out through Google sheets, FAI event in the past two years – honor system, ranked choice voting, post the application on all the usual outlets. Ask Ghini to put free-access. HAS THIS BEEN STARTED?
    • 2017 FAI Annual Report.
      • Templates for the FAI Annual report and 60 day event reports are in the Google drive.
      • Mary to write; FAI Annual Report Corporate return should be finished soon.
    • Treasurer’s Report, Bank Statement
      • Reporting as of : Issued via month end reporting
      • Progress report on post- Alchemy
      • Any necessary votes?
      • VOTE – APPROVED last meeting. Need to record.
        • $300 or less expenses maybe be approved by any 1 Board Member, up to $1,000 total in a month and reviewed at the next monthly meeting.
        • $500 or less expenses maybe be approved by Treasurer, up to $1,500 total in a month and reviewed at the next monthly meeting.
        • Greater than $500 expenses require full board approval
    • 4. Question from Draven: is it possible to make the EC some sort of corporate officers, wherein privilege would apply? Suggested that our inability to share information freely is a source of friction between EC and Board. My thought is that privilege is not that clear-cut, and the declaration of the EC as officers wouldn’t really make any difference as far as privilege goes, but may complicate the corporate structure.
    • 5. Suggestion made at Alchemy by one Event Leadership member – the delineation between inside and outside the bubble needs to be modified. As it stands, the level of autonomy conferred on the EC leads to “abuses” (word used lightly because words hard) that can create issues for the entire org.
      • Ignoring Board insurance requirements re heavy equipment
      • Changing approved mandatory budget items for cheaper ones, to the community’s detriment, to pay for things which specifically benefit certain EC members, and which should have been budgeted for in the first place?
      • “Losing” PWC container locks and replacing them with random locks from the bad.
      • Is it possible that if EC wants a privileged level of information, they are more strictly accountable to the Board, and therefore, to the org?
      • Mistress President contends that the person who submits the permit request, which specifies things like radios and sanitation, ends up having submitted false information – a significant personal and org liability. At best, it looks like we have poor management, at worst, perhaps that we are compliant with CH regs in word only.
    • 6. Board meetings and notice Chilling effect of unpublished address – is there any way we can make the meetings more accessible to the community at large, location-wise? Same question re notice of meetings – can we create an email list for committee chairs so we can notify them of the date, time, location of Board meetings, and also remind them that committee reports are due before the meetings?
    • Transition plans for outgoing board members – memos for new board members about what the outgoing person was working on?
    • Prepare old minutes for review at December Board Meeting (Mary)
    • Annual Report (Mary get info from Accountant Ryan)
    • Communications Committee start-up, create guidelines for the org social media(Chad, Ryan)
    • Community call-outs for BoD Secretary and Assistant Treasurer* (Assistant treasurer is tabled)
      • Offer Secretary to candidate pool in Board Election if we have enough people if we have no one on the Board to do it.
    • Check committee charters against the committee charter template. (Mary)
    • Prepare Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary) put in place for January
      • Determine with Jacob who needs to sign it.
      • Officers of Board Level committee
      • As chartered to other committees?
      • Everyone on ELT emails
    • Moves to adjourn. seconds. Passed by consensus. Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

Defined – “Published” means posted on FB, the Website and in the Alchemist