FAI BOD Minutes: Nov 2018

Scott Ackeridge’s House
Not here – Draven and Stabler
Also present – Duane Edmonds, Jeff Ensing, Annika ZW, Brian Marino, Heather Jensen, Louis, Rania
Chad’s Baby – Cinni Mini
Old Business – remove HRC permanently from the agenda
12:43 Call to order
President’s Statement – Thanks again for Alchemy
Annika – Ants – vicious ants – is there a different way to kill them. We may need a big tractor.
Reserve executive session for phone call.
Abserd was awesome. Congrats to Uber.
Annika curious – do we have applications for the Board?
Alyson nominates HBomb, I second – Passes unanimously with an irrelevant objection from Brian.
Brian objects once he finds someone with principles – LNT
HBomb accepts – buckle up fuckers.
Aly will post on FB later to today so things can get started
Annika works for a company that makes wood things
HBomb – any suggestions for Ass Lead – Possible slight restructuring – no strong differentiation between lead and AssLead
Would like to have a second lead doesn’t have anyone in mind. She would be fine without one, but does not want to force someone. Does not mind having a shadow to see if they want to do it for A.
Moving people above their highest competence doesn’t work, they burn out, and they have to be trained and also train their replacements. If someone hasn’t lead a critical team, coming in as a dept lead is not necessarily wise. Wants to eliminate the Ass dept leads for Euphoria. They do a lot of work and they don’t get to vote.
Moto and Brian can be co-ops leads, they are both experienced, they both get to vote. If someone is brand new, they ought to be an Ass.
If the EC doesn’t unanimously agree, the EC votes. Stay away from the EL as dictator model. Any info that includes the EL should go to the EC.
Either agree, or majority rules.
EC doesn’t have a charter.
Ryan thinks there should only be one lead and one ass, cus never two ceos
Chad requests re moving people out of their comfort zones, how can we increase volunteerism?
Heather and Sara and Brian have been discussing this at length. Part of the problem is 90 day burns, it needs to be started early and repeated ad nauseam.
Ryan: possible problem – TCs have grown so much that many people only vol with their TC, that mindset needs to change.
Louis – how do we incentivize the TCs to fill a quota of volunteers
Aly – when TCs register, give them the op to adopt a principle and ask their members to volunteer to help with that principle.
They already have over 30 responses to their survey! Awesome!
T’fus has TCs adopt a team, and either fluff for them or be on volunteer standby.
Ryan – Hugh has said he will bring in heavy equipment to clear space for TCs in the woods. Getting vols for that is PWC’s issue.
Jeff suggests we use a different area and different entrance.
Heather says the entire area was under water after this week’s rain, practically a lake.
We may want to ask Hugh about a different area.
Hugh offers a Plan B area in case shooting overlaps with our events
Heather asks about moving dates due to heat. The property is E-W in full sun.
Draven asks about working at night – not great because people can’t sleep during the day.
Jeff says set-up would be mostly the tent company.
Maybe about 3-5 years to start buying our own.

Brian – we need less infrastructure for Euphoria – we should not run it like little Alchemy.
Jeff- we do not need permits for the 10×10.
Chad asks about putting 10x10s together.
Sara, not in attendance, put an idea of an Alchemy Event Lead in our heads, so we can put lead apps out for both?
Concerns about individual team leads should be brought up with the ELs
Ryan – are we ready to start voting?
Aly – we want to publish applicant results – should probably ask Ghini
How to set up ballots and bios.
Our two confirmed applicants are Duane Edmonds and Luis Oribe.
Duane wants to continue what this board has started – it’s a whole different world from when he left until now. Wants to help keep moving us in a good direction. Stop reinventing the wheel.
Draven – financial update – two A18 bills outstanding he is clearing up. For the year we are somewhere in the neighborhood of break even plus or minus a couple thousand.
Some eoy donations to make – LnFY, Beltline
Ryan – Serenbe in the area, maybe something to contribute there.
Beltline- open dialogue about the beltline because of gentrification issues
Discuss callouts for art donations at the January meeting
Annika suggests Lakewood Enviromental Arts Fndn – Leaf atlanta.
Draven working on the 2019 plan. Please contact Draven with suggestions.
We want Euphoria to break even – 800 – 1,000 due to wanting scarcity, and volunteers
New SC burn the week after Eu, T’fus is creating synthesis, keeps getting pushed back. They want to create the largest burn in the SE. They don’t have the property, we do.
Chad – one thing T’fus does very well is organization and communication. They have way better acronyms than we do.
We need to name our city – Etheria. HBomb- changes the whole mindset of the volunteers.
Chad- It needs to be a positive, aspirational name.
Aly – if we are trying to get longer lead times – should we have someone in some capacity capable of managing a transition?
Action items
Determine where to donate
Start considering Alchemy leads- want one immediately after Eu
Aly will post HBomb as Eu Lead
Get the permit filed
Maybe find the EL for next Eu20 at this Eu19
HBomb is committed to Eu19, HBomb and Sara want to do A19
Get the friggin’ website up
Tell the story. What have we done? What have we donated? What is our city name?
HBomb will break Draven’s kneecaps if we move.
Donation history so we can convince people to volunteer so we can keep giving.
Ryan suggests working with Jules, Ghini, and people to develop a project plan for website creation.
Aly suggests we have a publicity officer – communications lead? HBomb suggests Iz.
HBomb will spend the next 5-6years swinging her social capital dick around.
Annika says people ask her if Eu is happening. We need to announce that Eu is happening.
HBomb has effigy surprises. Something that has never happened before.
Closed 2:23

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