FAI BOD Minutes: Apr 2019

April 27, 2019

Called to order at 12:16

Duane – pending acceptance of resignation


Officers Reports-

Fire Safe Cabinets – Look for used ones after Euphoria

Question for Rangers – If it weren’t at a burn, would you call LEO. We support calling LEO.

No other committees present

Treasurer not here – can submit after the fact.

Ask HBomb and Ghini about extending ticket sales until Monday or Tuesday

Business taken outside of session – record in absence of meeting. Save the permit odyssey for the photo album

Old Business

We will come up with a Drone policy after this event

New Business –

Accept Duane’s resignation – Move to accept – Accepted by 3/5 plus Stabler. We thank Duane for his service.

Shoot for 501c3 change on January 1. Get with Draven and the accountant.

Talk up special event at the event

Luis will set up the special election – shoot to announce week after Euphoria.

Make sure EC is fully aware that they have to give their Event Report at the June BoD meeting.

Consider a partnership arrangement with FLOW to perhaps use Euphoria for training and development.

Year-Round Insurance Model –

Fund people bringing in art instead of cross-pollination
Try to get Incendia back for Alchemy

Restaurant depot

How do we get more money for art grants?

Put a line item on the tickets for art donations

A line item for infrastructure (Showers)

Alchemy something or other

Luis – met a community service group that does parks restoration and maintenance – we could partner as a way to get people into LNT. Do one where they are and then ask to do one in CH…

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