FAI BOD Minutes: Jul 2018

July 20, 2018

In attendance – Mary, Aly, Ryan, Chad, Draven, Stabler

President’s Statement
We are now in permit crunch time. Much of this meeting will be executive session. Due to reasons, which are also executive privileged.
Move to remain in executive session unless we change it.

2018 July Board Meeting

7:37 – Mistress President moves that the entire board go fuck theirselfs…

Announce the nominations and elections a few days after we announce the Alchemy ticket sales.

  • New Business
  • Sanctioning – Move to table other than check-ins until after permitting.
  • Bubbs wants a cloud-based database for the inventory spreadsheet.
  • The google is cumbersome, and the cell behavior changes every time they update. Reasonable to ask – need a proposal with cost for the year. Want a possibility of barcoding it.
  • Transition PWC to Craig when Jeff’s term is up. Committee submits new roster, and the Board signs off. Ratify before Alchemy so Craig can observe at Alchemy, and he can be caught up with Draven before January 1. Ask Jeff to submit notice of his intent to step down.
  • Committee updates
  • Home Committee (Ryan & Mary)
  • Status of school donations (standing by, being handed off)
  • Conduct Committee (Draven or Chad)
  • Tech-Ops (Need to get them going)-
  • PWC (Aly & Draven)
  • “EC” (Mary & Aly) Status of callouts for Euphoria EL?
  • Board Retreat Chad wants to set one up.
  • Sit down and talk about who is doing what, so when we get thrown a curveball, no one knows who is doing what, and it takes an inordinate amount of time at meetings.
  • Optics – get the bylaws changed within the next two weeks.
  • 501c3 – Update and how to move forward
  • 90K, 65K in reserves, 25K in Alchemy account, so we have about 1,600 outside the reserves
  • Draven mentioned something about a credit line – he will check into that
  • Dalon potentially has 10K of our money, follow up cordially to start
  • We need to openly report our financials, which means revealing the land expense as part of transparency.
  • Check the refund and severability clauses in the K.
  • Any other points from Members
  • What we need to be working on
  • 501c3 in the works. Stabler says to make it a separate corporation. Do we want to do a separate board of directors.
  • There are multiple ways to handle this. I need to look into them.
  • The separate boards can recommend the members of the other board.
  • Can we satisfactorily conduct ourselves as a 501c3
  • What is the usual organizational setup for entities like ours?
  • What we can do to improve
  • Closing – Move to close because Stabler and Canada. 8:22

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