FAI BOD Minutes: Jan 2018

President’s Statement 1:34
(President makes eloquent statement)
President acts as Secretary

In attendance:
Mary Robb
Daniel Draven
Alyson Brown
Ryan King
David Stabler

  • 2018 January Board Meeting
    • 2018 First Meeting – Appoint Officers – Offices will all vacate at the end of this meeting.
      • Draven moves to propose slate of officers, and Mary seconds – passed by consensus
        • Mary Robb, President & Compliance Office
        • Daniel Draven, Treasurer
        • Rachael Mosley, Secretary
        • David Stabler, non-voting board member & Parliamentarian
        • Chad Jones, Vice President
        • Mary moves to create the office of Parliamentarian, Legal Liaison, and Chief Pony Wrangler – Passed by consensus.
      • Welcome back, Stabler!!!!!
      • Financials (Draven) Budget for 2018
        • Move from annual to monthly budget
        • Biggest line items
          • PWC
          • Professional Fees – very high in 2017,
          • Taxes – no Federal due to operating losses in 2017
          • New – Proposed to add $150 per month for social events
          • Misc – shit happens
          • Ryan requests a total at the bottom of the budget sheets, which Draven agreed with.
          • Communications expenses for starting the year as detailed in the budget
          • Home Committee – $3,000 per year
            Conduct Committee – Training budget for committee
          • Elections –
          • Org contributions as detailed in the budget.
          • Feedback and concerns? No
          • Motion to accept by Draven, second by Aly, Accepted by consensus
          • Stabler objects to lack of ponies in the budget
    • Event Proposal, Draven moves to accept. Aly seconds, Passed by consensus.
    • Land Cost Issue/ Contract
      • HBomb cannot announce the property until we have a signed a K
      • Can announce ticket prices and sale dates.
      • Draven updated HBomb
  • HRC – Move to table – tabled by consensus
  • Committee updates
    • Home Committee (Draven & Mary)
      • Status of school donations (standing by, being handed off)
      • Agree to give donation to Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs
    • Conduct Committee (Draven or Chad) – voted to accept proposal
    • Tech-Ops (Need to get them going) subset of Communications
      • Stabler refuses to chair Tech Ops. Need new chair
      • Ryan and Chad to find a new chair
    • PWC (Mary + Draven) – Bubbs as inventory manager on PWC, can she do that and be APW lead? We need to keep lines of reporting separate – not reporting to both EL and PWC Chair
      • Jeff proposes separate tear down manager who is part of PWC and does not work during the event.
      • Jeff proposes to hand off to APW on Friday of Build Week, as opposed to PWC to keeping it and handing over at the start of the event.
      • Aly proposes EC attend Feb Board Mtg, and Draven counterproposes conference call among PWC, EC Liaisons, and HBomb and Brian to discuss how to integrate PWC/APW/EC 12-1 at the Feb Board mtg
    • “EC” (Mary & Aly) Status of callouts for Euphoria EL? Has ELT, and now needs team leads.
    • Figure out com for Aly and Ryan
  • Board Retreat
    • Reschedule?
      Longer range vision for permanent residence at Pettigrew
    • 501c(3)
    • Elections
    • Proposed ByLaw amendments
    • Alchemy pre-planning – master timelines
    • Invite Jacob
  • 501c3 – Table for Retreat
    • Update and how to move forward
  • Any other points from Members
    • What we need to be working on
      • Alchemy preplanning
      • We can do callouts ahead of time for the 2019 events if we have dates
    • Can we have event leads in place one or more burns in advance?
      • Draven proposes 2019 event dates
      • March 30, April 6 Euphoria start date (20th is Frolicon), or
      • April 27, May 4 (build, burn, resp) (assuming no burn ban issues) – that’s right in the middle of finals week.
      • Confer with Fire Departments for preferred date
      • Sept 28, Oct 3-6 for Alchemy
    • What we can do to improve
  • Closing – Adjourned 3:46

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