FAI BOD Minutes: Feb 2018

President’s Statement 1:26
(President makes eloquent statement)
President acts as Secretary

In attendance:
Mary Robb
Daniel Draven
David Stabler

  • 2018 February Board Meeting
    • President notes no quorum present, meeting will cover old business and updates.
    • Discussion about tending to old burn scar – it was not handled properly after Alchemy.
    • Interburn Wormhole with Constellation open a dialogue
    • Conduct Committee Radical Inclusion – how do we increase our practice of radical inclusion?
      • We proactively only exclude only people under felony indictment for specific offenses against the consent of others if it is reported to us. We only act on what can be verified. This must be done privately, and in a non-punitive manner. Upon resolution of case, they can contact us for review. The Board then can decide whether there is a danger, and justify its decision.
    • Financials (Draven) Budget for 2018
      • Move from annual to monthly budget – everyone got Draven’s document.
      • Trying to make a report the first weekend of the month, and will include committees with budgets. PWC and Home Committee
        • $1,000 to Beltline
        • Paid our attorneys
        • Projected to end 2018 as of now to end $10K ahead of where we are now.
        • Went over format of monthly reports
    • PWC –
      • Discuss making some roads and proposed costs
      • How screwed are we if we get a rainstorm in the middle of the burn?
        • Should be fine/better
          • Gravel holding from last event
          • Grass taking root
          • Big thing will be stopping traffic – EC may not want to shut down roads timely. Board will try to influence EC to follow PWC’s instructions – we have to trust them to ruin the burn.
          • We can only override the EC if Jacob comes to me and tells me to fire them all because something catastrophic happens.
            • Three possible responses we get
              • OK
              • We dont recommend it
              • You’re fired
        • Make sure EC knows they are responsible for the property during teardown as well.
    • HRC – Remains tabled
  • Committee updates
    • Home Committee (Draven & Mary)
      • Donations to drop off next week
      • $900 collected in tier one this time
      • Is VFD doing a boot drive for Euphoria?
    • Conduct Committee (Draven or Chad) – See above
      • There is one outstanding case, which will be posted on Yahoo, because we have no quorum.
    • Tech-Ops (Need to get them going) subset of Communications
      • Ryan and Chad to find a new chair – direction by President to meet and establish chair ASAP
    • PWC (Mary + Draven) – See above
      • There are new members who are showing up
      • There was a January meeting, for which I need minutes
    • “EC” (Mary & Aly) We have a team, and it is populated. They are meeting regularly.
    • Elections – Mary and Chad will be liaisons because not up for re-election
      • Need to decide when elections will be.
  • Board Retreat – Tabled indefinitely
    • Reschedule?
      • Longer range vision for permanent residence at Pettigrew
      • 501c(3)
      • Elections
      • Proposed ByLaw amendments
      • Alchemy pre-planning – master timelines
    • Invite Jacob
  • 501c3 – Tabled – no quorum
    • Update a nd how to move forward
  • Any other points from Members
  • 2:23 Executive Session open
    • Executive Sessio n closed 2:26
  • Closing – Adjourned 2:27

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