FAI BOD Minutes: June 2017


The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at The Old Smyrna Firehouse (2889 Alexander Street SE. Smyrna, GA) at 1:00 pm on June 17, 2017, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Michelle Waymire, David Stabler, Daniel Draven, Mary Robb, Ryan King

The following Officers were present: Michelle Waymire (President), Mary Robb (Vice President), Daniel Draven (Treasurer)

The following members of the community were present: N/A

The President called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:

  • Voted to approve Conduct Committee charter
  • Authorized General Council to investigate potential host counties’ ordinances and permitting requirements for Alchemy 2017


  1. President’s Report (Michelle)
    1. Nothing to report.
  2. Committee Updates
  1. Public Works Committee (Michelle)
    1. Inventory weekend is taking place over the weekend of June 17-18 to consolidate storage units and save monies
    2. Jacob sent over a draft contract for containers at LBJ – Michelle to review and send to landowner
    3. Draft is complete. Pending board approval, which will take place over email.
  2. Event Committee (Draven)
    1. Event and Team Lead Selection – Selections are in process. The rest of the EC is filling out their ranks based on the applications
    2. Voted to authorize General Council to start permitting process for Carroll County for Alchemy 2017. Mary to confirm potential dates with landowner
    3. Voted to approve the new date (July 29) and venue (Quaker Meeting House) for Alchemy Art Fundraiser.
  3. Communications Committee (Michelle)
    1. FAI Website – we are moving forward on building it in house. Ryan to edit wireframes, Michelle to build website
    2. Marketing plan and social media guidelines – Done, and in the Google drive.
    3. Charter has been revised and proofread. Pending board approval, which will take place over email.
  4. Home Committee (Draven)
    1. Committee charter – in progress. Mary and Draven to draft.
    2. Jacob is currently investigating permitting issues for three primary counties of interest.
    3. Draven to follow up with Cat about leading the Committee and setting a meeting to discuss additional next steps
  5. Conduct Committee (Chad)
    1. Charter has been approved. Public launch will happen shortly.
  6. Elections Committee (Michelle)
    1. Callout and application have been released. Things are on track and on time so far, with nominations through June, voting through July, and new Board Members selected by the beginning of August
  1. Improving committee structure
    1. All charters are in progress!
    1. PWC (Draft complete – needs voting)
    2. Events (Revisions postponed until after Alchemy)
    3. Communications/TechOps (Draft complete – needs voting)
    4. Home (Incomplete)
    5. Conduct (Draft completed and voted on)
    1. Bylaws review – Revisions postponed until after new board gets elected
  1. Nondisclosure agreement for board, chairs, and major leadership
    1. Agreement has been drafted.
    2. Voted by consensus to approve non-disclosure agreement
    3. Draven to print physical copies for us to sign at next BOD meeting and EL meeting
  2. Business cards – done, ordered, and should be here soon!
  3. 2016 FAI Annual Report. Done and ready to go on the new FAI website
  4. Issuing 1099s – Research still in progress
  5. Action Items from May Meeting


  1. D&O insurance update
    1. In the process of filing the application with amendment for risk of lawsuit
  2. Midyear update on budget
    1. Did not get done for today. Draven to prepare prior to July meeting to give board members time to review before the July meeting
  3. Truck accident and payment – everything has been resolved
  4. Bank Statement (as of June 17,2017)
    1. Org: $38,814.07
    2. Alchemy Event: $18,259.97
    3. Euphoria Event: $19,202.38
    4. Art Fundraiser Event: $5,000.00
    5. PWC: $1,694.21
    6. Money Market (Op Reserves): $55,043.41
    7. Promissory Note Reserves: $0


  • Call out form for Alchemy Event leads (Mary)
  • Continue writing Institutional Knowledge base. (David)
  • Look into options for 501c(3) application (Draven)
  • Review event procedures with eye for ADA – fully due when afterburn report is published. Will have review completed by June Meeting (Mary)
  • Write up doc for CommComm procedures and how to’s (David)
  • Produce second draft of social media policy with admin and moderator roles (Michelle)
  • Create a marketing plan and communication guidelines for the org (Michelle)
  • Clean up Google drive (Everybody)
  • Ask Eugene about forms (Michelle)
  • Engage Ryan and Ivan (Lance) about website.
  • Finish 2016 Annual report (Michelle)
  • Publish 2015 annual report (Michelle)
  • Provide bylaws edits by June 2017 meeting (All)
  • Research automated payroll systems –  Gusto and competitors (Michelle)
  • Add recommendation for annual strategic planning meeting to Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary)
  • Board offboarding best practices (Draven)
  • Ask home committee to look into 4 properties. (Draven)
  • Reach out to Jacob about permitting for Carroll county and property for Walker county. (Mary)


  • Get storage container contract to Mike D. (Michelle)
  • Contact Mike D. about potential Alchemy dates (Mary)
  • Edit FAI website wireframes (Ryan)
  • Build FAI website in WordPress (Michelle)
  • Vote on TechOps and PWC Charters (Michelle to set up in Yahoo Groups)
  • Draft Home Committee Charter (Mary/Draven)
  • Follow up with Cat about Home Committee (Draven)
  • Finalize launch of Conduct Committee language (Chad)
  • Print physical copies of non-disclosure agreement and bring to next BOD meeting and first EL meeting (Draven)
  • Continue writing Institutional Knowledge base. (David)
  • Look into options for 501c(3) application (Draven)
  • Review event procedures with eye for ADA – fully due when afterburn report is published. Will have review completed by July Meeting (Mary)
  • Clean up Google drive (Everybody)
  • Research automated payroll systems –  Gusto and competitors (Michelle)
  • Board offboarding best practices (Draven)
  • Finalize D&O application and file (David)
  • Midyear budget update (Draven)

Meeting adjourned by consensus by 2:48 PM.

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