FAI BOD Minutes: August 2016


The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at Anna’s house at 2:14 pm on August 13, 2016, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Dusty, Rebecca, Michelle, Anna, Aislinn.

The following Officers were present: Dusty, president; Michelle, vice-president.

The president called the meeting to order at 2:14 pm.

The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online. The minutes were approved as amended by consensus after a motion from the chair.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting

  1. July 27 – Made payment to Jacob Davis, Lazega & Johanson LLC, to continue FAI legal representation.
  2. July 27 – 2014 taxes paid.
  3. July 27 – Art fundraiser checks to artists written; sent pending receipt of W-9s from artists.
  4. August 11 – Approved participant waivers for Alchemy 2016.
  5. August 11 – Approved contract between FAI and Little Big Jam to rent property for 2016 Alchemy.

Old business:

  1. President’s report – 2016 Euphoria waivers will be sent to Jacob for archive. Reaffirm with the committees that discretionary team-building funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol due to insurance requirements.
  2. Committee’s Reports
    1. PWC – Infrastructure in storage units at two different locations. One is climate controlled, the others is not. The split was done to save on cost. PWC will  not be able to do a full inventory pre-Alchemy.
    2. APW – Is asking for a $500 overage to cover some of the extra costs. Suggestion is to approve the overage, but to limit the spending per card to $500. There is still a container, shelves, and a truck at Cherokee Farms. FAI will pay Smokey storage fees for these items and arrange to move items as soon as possible. Container is considered  “cargo” due to cut door on side. A separate container will need to transport items. The existing container should be offered for sale or scrap.
    3. Event Committee
      1. BOD reviewed Alchemy budget draft.  Rebecca acknowledged Dawn’s good work on assisting with the budget draft process.
      2. Vote: FAI approves budget as presented to Board of Directors on August 13, 2016. Four members vote yea; Rebecca abstained. Motion carried.
      3. Land contract was approved via online vote. Rebecca will sign contract, take it to owner for his signature at the August 21 land visit.
      4. Perimeter team has a new plan in place for 2016 Alchemy. A back up plan is also in place.
      5. Art fundraiser checks were mailed to artists.
      6. Conduct Committee – BOD approved the interim process to handle conduct complaints received before the final formation of the Conduct Committee.In cases of protective orders, FAI will cooperate to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of the permanent order must be available for FAI records.
      7. Communications Committee – New Alchemy website has been working well. FAI tabs need  the bylaws posted.Cheesepants has declined the role of editor of the Alchemist. Michelle is acting editor.
      8. Outreach – Hungry Caterpillar will be at 2016 Alchemy to collect food donations.
      9. New Venue – Three potential properties are identified. Anna is tasked with contacting the owners.
      10. Committee charters – tabled
      11. Insurance – Paperwork has been submitted, bids are being sought for Alchemy.
      12. Taxes – paid retainer, paid 2014 taxes, requested 2015 tax update.
      13. Bylaws – tabled
  • Money
    • Bank Statement
    • Org:  30,346.78
    • Event: 151,980.91
    • APW: 11,086.27
    • Money Market:  50,026.31

Action Items:

  • Dusty –  Contact Tunna and the FAI organizing attorney about promissory note for truck. David does not have it. Jacob does not have it.
  • Aislinn – contact past leadership over past five years to get feedback on the organization structure.
  • Aislinn – Committees are encouraged to send one member to attend board meetings as a representative for ease of communication between board and committees.
  • Rebecca – Contact Sarah about Art Fundraiser money transfer to bank account.
  • Michelle – FAI website:   Solicit and add  burner businesses to the website; blog from FAI leadership giving updates to special projects and efforts.
  • Michelle – Scan IRS document for Stacia’s signature.
  • Rebecca – Confirm leadership ticket link was sent to leadership.
  • Rebecca – Contact Smokey within the next few weeks about items at Cherokee Farms.
  • Rebecca – Contact the Alchemy LLC attorney to see if he has a copy of the truck promissory note.
  • Michelle – Move $60,000 from event account.
  • Anna – Host dinner for BOD to discuss tabled items.
  • Anna and Aislinn – Finalize letters in response to conduct complaints .
  • Rebecca – Send parcel # for parking land rental to Anna.
  • Rebecca – Sign and take land contract to LBJ on August 21.
  • Aislinn -Compile a roster of committee members and team members
  • Meeting adjourned 4:44 pm.

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