FAI BOD Minutes: August 2015

The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at 3:15 p.m. on August 16th, 2015, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.
The following Directors were present: David, Anna, Tareq, Jessica, Ash, Michelle
The following Directors were excused:
The following Directors were absent: Tunna
The following acted as secretary for the meeting: David
The following members of the Community were in attendance: Brittany, Justin

The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online.  Minutes approved by consensus.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of Business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:  NONE

The following old business was discussed:

  1. Board Secretary Process – Anna
    1. Two additional names applied for the secretary position.  Will reach out to have them come try out recording minutes for the September meeting.
  2. Regional Status – new events policy from BM needs further review (Regional Use Agreement) but we’ll talk about status again.  Action to contact BMORG to set up meeting. Considering November
  3. New Venue Committee – two applicants; moving to public works; transferred to PWC for further management
  4. Committee Updates
  5. PW Committee
    1. Uber’s budget went out for review
    2. Adjusted to reflect changes in material needs after effigy change
    3. Motion – To transfer $5844.67 from General Fund to PWC Fund pre-Alchemy purchasing for repairs and needed gate acquisitions. – PWC
      1. Budget to use a simplified gate system
      2. Passed by consensus
    4. Tabled remainder of the budget until after Alchemy
    5. Renewals on storage units will occur near the end of the year
  6. Event Committee Updates
  7. Transition in Effigy Team Leadership
  8. More theme camps registered than ever before (120)
  9. More registered art for placement than ever before (45 so far)
  10. Staffing prepared early for Wednesday
  11. Begun purchasing
  12. Website update – updating Alchemy and Euphoria websites, adding an umbrella website for board-level site over the top.  Adding CRM workflow for publishing management.  Euphoria page going live 9/11, announced 9/15.
  13. Went to Figment, attendance appeared to be a few hundred; considering offering FAI to run Figment.
  14. Lantern Festival – Lamplighters; lots of interest so far
    1. Motion: To reassign money from Board refreshments to Community Outreach for the purposes of acquiring a vinyl banner for FAI for the festival and for reuse — Jessica, seconded, Anna
      1. To be stored in town
      2. Passed by consensus
  15. Event Outreach to Burning Man
  16. Motion: to offer BMRCs tickets to FAI events — Anna, seconded, Jessica
    1. Traditionally, no free tickets given other than scholarship tickets
    2. Amended/rewrite: To offer Georgia BMRCs the right to buy one 2015 Alchemy ticket per RC in a special sale – Anna; passed by consensus
    3. Amended: the option to buy – Tareq; passed by consensus
    4. Motion — To offer Georgia BMRCs the option to buy one 2015 Alchemy ticket per RC in a special sale
    5. Passed by consensus
  17. Who will be willing to work on this?
  18. Callouts would happen now
  19. November for the event?
  20. Push to 2016 schedule?
  21. Decomp like event this year – is this something the community would like?
  22. Had a good meeting; website and volunteer system rollout in the forefront.
  23. Wants to get timelines in place faster.
  24. Communications Committee
  25. Community Outreach Committee Updates
  26. Tech Ops Committee Updates


  1. Budget
    1. Final ticket sales money needs to finalize to allow total income calculations
      1. Last tier still in Paypal
    2. 2014 Alchemy Financials statement about to be completed
    3. Working with Stacia
  2. Relationship with LEO in Walker County
  3. Still being evaluated and discussed
  4. Going into the survival guide
  5. Notes will be made available to the community, writeup to be added
  6. To be added into the meetings and in an augmented meeting with Michelle to extend the strategic focus of the Board.
  7. Stacia meeting, narrative handoff happened, reports being created as required.
  8. Organization document rewrites in progress.
  9. Drones
  10. Global Leadership Conference Report
  11. Strategic Planning Goals Progress
  12. 501c3 Application Status
  13. Committee Mergers

The following new business was discussed:

  1. Insurance for Alchemy
    1. $5379 premium
    2. Motion to pay $5379 for Insurance, from the chair; passed by consensus
  2. Jacob’s Retainer
  3. Approved to pay, so Tareq will pay.
  4. To be researched by Ash, brought to the board for review and revision and then passed to legal for second check.
  5. ELTs would like this in writing from the Board that we will provide defense support should the Officers require it in the execution of their duties
  6. What information does the Board require from the ELTs
  7. Tareq will provide a survey to get the feel from the board
  8. Operational Board Processes regarding scheduled meetings to be defined and published so that rescheduled meetings follow a clear process that is visible to the community.
    1. Initially: A cancelled meeting will be replaced by a meeting held the following Wednesday at 8pm, location TBD
  9. Election timelines need to be published soon for community awareness
  10. Community Committee to run everything should be called soon
  11. Alchemy Exodus signs to inform people of leadership needs?
  12. Sexual Harassment Policy
  13. Defense Resolution
  14. Afterburn Report
  15. Process Plan
  16. Elections and Callouts
  17. Bank Statement – Current as of 8/16/2015
  18. Org $ 24,871.91
  19. Event $ 174,420.07
  20. APW $ 2,327.03
  21. Money Market $ 25,006.33
  22. Paypal $ 60,994.06

Action Items of Note:

Committee Document rewrites – Anna [by 31 August]
Correct Anna’s card to have higher limit to pay insurance – Tareq [ASAP]
Payment of Jacob’s Retainer – Tareq [17 Aug]
Survey to find out what the Afterburn Report needs to have in it – Tareq [31 August]
Writeup of GLC – Michelle
Letter from Board about Support of the ELT – Michelle
Reachout to GA BMRCs – Anna

Confirmation of Upcoming Meeting

September Meeting Date – 12 September at 01pm at Ash’s House 5400 Memorial Drive, Apt 19B, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Meeting adjourned at 6:05pm by Consensus

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