Flashpoint Artists Initiative [FAI] is the organization responsible for overseeing the creation of and the running of Georgia’s two burns, Alchemy and Euphoria. FAI provides education to the greater community regarding the sociological ideas and theories of …

  1. radical inclusion
  2. gifting economies
  3. decommodification
  4. radical self-reliance
  5. radical and lawful self-expression
  6. community building and effort]
  7. civil responsibility
  8. leaving no trace
  9. participation
  10. and immediacy,

…by providing the structures and environments necessary to foster and engage in such education, and strives to do so for all ages whenever possible and lawful.

FAI Board Election Results

At its Oct 26 meeting, in executive session, the board certified the results of the election. Our three new board members are Alyson Brown, Chandini Lord, Amariah Love. We welcome them to the wonderful world of hippie-herding!

Once some procedural paperwork is taken care of (as per the bylaws), the current board will vote to officially appoint the new members to the board. They will begin attending meetings and discussions and will officially take office at the Jan 18 board meeting.

Applications for Event Committee leadership now open

By this time next month, the plans for Alchemy 2020 will be underway: the Event Director will have been named by the board, and that person is going to need candidates for their Event Committee, because by Jan/Feb all the dates/tickets/themes will be announced.

So avoid the rush: apply now! All positions are available (except where obviated by the Calendar, of course), and the general leadership application form is open, and you should go fill that out. BUT FIRST go fill out the cheat sheet.

Not sure about whether you should do it? YOU SHOULD DO IT. If you have any questions at all, email board@flashpointart.org and then DO IT ANYWAY.

Our next board meeting: Nov 16

The next FAI board meeting will be 1:00–4:00, Sat, Nov 16, 6475 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071.

The agenda will been posted here.

Statement from FAI

As a reminder and re-affirmation of our Organization’s stance on Consent and Conduct the Board wishes to reiterate several items:

  1. At FAI we hold all of the Ten Principles of Burning Man to be dear. They form the foundation of our Organization and Community.
  2. FAI greatly values Consent Culture and proper Conduct. We consider it a baseline for behavior. As such, at our events we hold our Participants to a strict Code of Conduct (here).
  3. FAI takes Consent/Conduct violations during our events seriously and here is our policy/procedure for how to report and the general process regarding them (both at and post event).
  4. The FAI Conduct Committee has been on hiatus due to a legal matter which was not resolved until May 2019; this matter pre-dated and was utterly unrelated to any of the temporary protective order posts/situations that have been brought up. During the hiatus the Board has spent that time revamping our Conduct Committee Charter so it will be best enabled to handle/address reports with maximum confidentiality, sensitivity, and thoroughness. The finalized Charter is due for board review at the end of October 2019. As stated earlier, the goal is to have the committee fully running by January 2020. Until then, reports are handled by the Board.
  5. FAI understands that there are questions and concerns regarding these and other topics. Unfortunately in some cases we cannot answer them in as a direct fashion as we would like or provide full context because of legalities that constrain the org. As such, it seems that some of our Community members have taken this to mean we do not take these topics seriously. That is far from the case. FAI has never intended for this misrepresentation to occur nor for our community members to feel invalid/unsafe/ignored and for that we apologize. 
  6. FAI will be undergoing a policy/procedure review post-Alchemy and through the end of 2019. In the spirit of shared ownership, help us to do better by…
  7. Sharing your thoughts/feelings/ideas/etc. at our Alchemy Town Hall (Friday 6:30 Center Camp) or at the October Board Meeting (Oct 19th location/time TBD). Additional community engagement meetings are also going to be scheduled later in the year specifically to solicit as much and as varied feedback as possible.

Lastly, we wish to thank all of our volunteers for their tireless efforts in stepping up to address the large amount of work we have had on our plates this year. We are excited to be working with such a wonderful group of people and look forward to improving and growing even more in the months and years to come.

Our next burn: stay tuned